After a strange and difficult couple of years, it’s time to recommit to gathering as brothers and sisters in Christ.  To remember the beauty and blessing of being together.  To rediscover church – and why the Body of Christ is essential.

Rediscover Church, Our 9-week Fall message series and Connection Group study, will remind us why the church is essential for us as disciples of Jesus and ambassadors of His mission. 

To rediscover church is to realize or remember why we gather in the first place: to experience the power of a gospel community gathered together to hear gospel truth.  To shape us through worship and the Word, to spiritually strengthen us, to bind us together in Christ-like love, and to equip us to be launched into his world-saving mission.

What is a church?  It’s a group of people who know they’ve been loved by Christ and have begun to love one another like that.  It is followers of Jesus who belong to one another.  The gathered Body of Christ is where King Jesus is present in a unique and powerful way.

So let’s gather together this Fall, and see what the Lord will do among us and through us as we rediscover church!

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September 11
What is a Church?

September 18
Who Can Belong to a Church?

September 25
Do We Really Need to Gather?

October 2
Why are Preaching and Teaching Central?     

October 9
Is Joining Actually Necessary?

October 16
Is Church Discipline Really Loving?

October 23                            
How Do I Love Members Who Are Different?

October 30        
Who Leads?

November 6   
How Do We Love Outsiders?