Mbarara, Uganda

Geographical Stats
  • Population 195,000 
  • 36% of population is evangelical
  • 2nd largest city in Uganda
  • Transportation hub for the country
  • 81% believe that good people earn a place in heaven
  • One of five fastest-growing cities in all of Africa
1998-Present Major Accomplishments
  • Started a church movement among the Ankole people
  • Made over 2,000 disciples
  • 17 churches started and established 
  • Sent and repatriated 10 North America missionary families 
  • Currently 100% Ugandan led churches and movement leadership
  • Constructed building in central Mbarara to host church meetings and create income for the movement
  • Taught & planted Farming God’s Way gardens
  • Established 3 Christian schools as part of the Ugandan leaders' vision to reach their community
    • Akaihamba School serving 170 students
    • Birere School serving 70 students 
    • Kabushwere School serving 84 students 
  • Established Town church clinic as our outreach to serve the community
First Colony's 2022 Mission Plans
  • Build 2 more floors on the Mbarara town church building
    • will serve as leadership training location
    • as well as an income-generating rental space funding church movement expenses
  • Fund 16 local-led trainings & seminars (Church Leadership, Youth Group, & Marriage)
  • Continue spiritual development and outreach as Ugandans begin new Home Bible Study Groups
  • Family & general counseling offered by local pastors
  • Health care education & free medical consultation at clinic in Mbarara church
  • Fund college scholarships for church leaders, creating sustainability for movement
  • Send one short-term mission team